Our first task during MBA camp – to make a house with the LEGO bricks

In September 2011, with the aim of learning more business tools which could also provide a new dimension to the career, I enrolled myself in the one-year full-time MBA course in Aarhus School of Business (now called School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University). It was a new course focusing on the subject of ‘sustainability’, or how businesses can engage in sustainable business practices.

Apart from having the regular subjects of an MBA degree, the course also had a group mini-project and a final major project on sustainability.

I did my final MBA project in Grundfos A/S, world’s largest manufacturer of water pumps, with the aim of studying the strategic viability of their sustainability related certificates and initiatives. A set of recommendations were submitted to Grundfos.

With loads of reading, regular individual and group assignments and frequent deadlines, the full-time MBA course was quite intense.

The MBA graduation took place in August 2012 and I received the ‘Best Fellow Student Award’, voted by the classmates.

FT-MBA at Himmelbjerg-001.jpg

Trip to Ry. There were 15 students in the class from 5 different countries.


Economics group assignment


Break between assignments

MBA group photo in EU 2-001.jpg

Trip to EU parliament in Brussels

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Graduation, August 2012